Visual Customizer
Adding a logo

How do you add your logo to a questionnaire?

Step 1

To add a logo to your questionnaire, begin in the main dashboard.

Step 2

Select "Questionnaires" from the side bar.

Step 3

Select the "Questionnaire" page from the drop down.

Step 4

This opens up your "Questionnaires" page, which displays a list of all the questionnaires you have added or created within your account.

Step 5

Select the Questionnaire you would like to add a logo to.

Step 6

This brings you to the page where you can see all of the questions within your questionnaire.

Step 7

Select any question by checking the corresponding checkbox.

Step 8

To access the Visual Customizer click the "Customize" button on the bottom of your screen.

Step 9

This brings you to the visual customizer. Here, you change the look of your questionnaire by directly editing elements.

Step 10

Click the "Global Settings" button

Step 11

Select "Header" from the menu to add a logo to your questionnaire.

Step 12

To add a logo, either drag and drop your logo into the drop box or click "Browse" and upload your logo from your files.

Step 13

Your logo should now be visible in the drop box as well as in the navigation bar of your questionnaire.

Step 14

Click "Save" to upload your changes.